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Sorting clothes before washing

You should separate your5 clothes into 3 types: white, colored (or light) and black (including dark shades, e.g navy blue). We do not mix types with each other because some could change a color.


  1. Check pockets of trousers, blouses and shirts, to make sure there is no money or tissues in them. Black clothes with a tissue will cause all the laundry to be covered with white flecks.
  2. Fasten all zippers and buttons. The unzipped ones can pull out clothes during washing.
  3. Wrap clothes to the left.
  4. Clothes that are vulnerable to damage, for example lace bras or pantyhose, put into special wash bags. You will find such bags in our place, for your disposal.

Filling the drum - how much laundry to put into the washing machine?

The drum of the washing machine usually fills up to about 3/4 of its capacity. Leaving free space will allow clothes to rotate freely during washing and reduce creases.

Clothes washing agent: powder, liquid

The detergent for washing is best suited to the color of the fabric and its type. Capsules are available in our laundry. 1 capsule is the right amount for 1 wash. You will also find a wide selection of rinsing liquids with us so that the scent suits your tastes.

At what temperature do you wash your clothes?

Universal temperature norms that ensure the safety of fabrics during washing are:

  1. 90 degrees Celsius - towels, pajamas, children's body,
  2. 60 degrees Celsius - tablecloths, bedding, clothes for children,
  3. 40 degrees Celsius - shirts, cotton underwear, dresses, denim materials, sweatshirts, pants, T-shirts, cotton blouses,
  4. 30 degrees Celsius - lace, silk and woolen materials.
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